Episode 7 – Kisses of Love

Episode Seven
Kisses of Love
3:42 minutes

Pearl Girl! Can you hear me?” Blue shouted up into the whistling wind. He grabbed a rope hanging from a hatch and up he went.

He was clinging for dear life to a swaying rope! To and fro, he bounced. The jutting boulders below seemed small as pebbles. Blue squeezed his watering eyes shut. Pulling his body weight caused stabs of pain in his hands and arms. Blue’s strength was waning. At last, he grasped the heavy wicker basket. It was big as an ocean ship. With a stout kick, Blue popped opened a side hatch and fell inside the basket’s darkness.

“Who’s that? Who’s there?” said a female voice in the darkness. It was her!

“Don’t be afraid? I’ve come to help you,” Blue replied. “Light your candle.” A quick scratch, odor of sulfur, and the candle flamed.

“My friend,” she said, eyes wide, “What are you doing? The witch … you are in grave danger.”

“There is one thing that will save us both.”

“You’re risking your life for nothing,” she moaned.

“Stand over here by the hatch. Quickly. We haven’t much time.”

The balloonship gave a mighty heave, bashed by swirling waves of wind. Pearl Girl reached out and steadied herself against Blue’s arm. Her pearls made an uncomfortable clatter even after the jolt passed.

Blue leaned over and tried to kiss her.

There was an awkward silence. She turned away and blushed pink.

“You’re overly confident in a disrespectful way. How will impolite kissing save us?” She asked.

“I know witch lore well … um, I think. I believe Kisses of Love will release your pearls back to their natural state and revive my memory. And, I also suspect your tears are poisonous venom to a witch.”

“You love me?” She asked with disbelief, “I’ll believe tears are witch poison easier than your professed love. How will I know the truth?”

“Hmm? True enough. How will you know for sure? Perhaps by the kiss?”

“You’re crazy,” she said smiling and shaking her shiny locks.

“When I kiss your cheek, if my love is true, your pearls will change again to tears. Please, believe,” Blue pleaded.

She trustingly closed her eyes, for some reason hopeful in this promised release from pearl bondage. Blue cupped her face in his hands. She looked so gentle and peaceful. A warm jewel entrusted to him, full of faith, without fear of consequence. Blue drew in a breath and softly kissed her cheek. Her eyes popped open in surprise.

“On my bare feet. Little drops of rain,” she sizzled excitement. The poem was true. Then, she looked up at Blue. Her puzzling brow slowly knotted.

“Love’s kisses heal growing fears. And restore faded early years.”