Episode 1 – Gypsy Circus

Episode OneGypsy Circus 3:02 minutes

Blue was desperate to overcome the curse and regain his memory. He read and read the magical poem. He chanted it. He sang it. He shouted it. He even whispered it. Nothing happened. His memory was gone. All he had was the poem. But he knew it would be the secret to free him from the curse.

One spring, he was camping in the forest near the Isle of Trizzle. He barely had his fire started when he heard the crunching sound of large ox carts loaded with cargo. Running to a rock overhang, he carefully peered over. A rainbow of wagons and carts were rumbling slowly toward the island barge on the seashore. By the animal smells and gypsy music, he knew the circus was heading to Trizzle for the Circus Fair.

“Hulloo,” he called down.

“Hello,” a gloomy girl’s voice responded.

“When will the Circus perform?” he questioned the voice hidden in the cart.

“Tomorrow. But, please do not come,” she said sadly, still unseen.

By now, the carts were too far away to talk any more. What an odd thing to say, he thought. Do NOT come to the circus? Who was this girl?

He returned to his fire, puzzling over the mysterious voice. Her voice seemed familiar. This bothered him. Maybe she was someone from his past? He decided to visit the circus.