Episode 9 – Magic Kill

Episode Nine
Magic Kill
2:44 minutes

The hatch slammed open. The storm came blasting in. The witch was raging. Blue kissed Ophelia. If death was upon them, his last moment was for her. The kiss exploded pearls flooding a deluge of tears on the floor.

“My pearls!” screamed the witch. “You, Prince of Dogs, did you think you could save her? Having a little trouble with your memory, eh?”

Blue spun Ophelia away from the witch. He staggered and fell against the basket wall and then the floor.

“You will die now, Pearly One,” cried the howling witch to Pearl Girl.

“No, I die first. I stole your pearls with kisses. End my life first,” Blue commanded the storming witch.

“With pleasure,” laughed the witch. Her wild eyes gleaming for a magic kill.

The witch stepped forward to finish Blue where he lay. He first foot splash in the pool of tears. And, then the second. “What trickery is …”

The witch never finished her words.

Ophelia covered her face.

A stream of freezing air came roaring from the witch’s throat. Her arms flailed, grasping at nothing. She shook and vibrated. Time stopped, the entire ship quivered as though the earth shook beneath them. Inflating like a purple gasbag, the witch floated, a slow spinning cart wheel in the air. Finally, in a blinding flash of purple light, the hag transformed into a harmless, golden sparrow. Dropping to the floor, the little bird bathed in the redeeming tears.

“Change witches curse to golden light,” Blue marvelled inside.

“Is it okay to touch that little bird?” asked Ophelia, peeking between her slender fingers.

“Yes. The witch is harmless now. Save the bird from drowning in witch poison. Your precious tears saved us,” Blue whispered, sitting feebly, propped against the basket wall. Exhaustion seized him. He struggled, slipping beyond sensation. Blackness from pain engulfed him.