Episode 4 – The Witchmaster

Episode FourThe Witchmaster 3:35 minutes

A snapping crack electrified Blue from his groggy sleep. He lay on the ground unmoving. Bandits or beasts—which would it be? he thought. He fumbled for his knife. But it was too late. Large hands grasped his shoulders and soon he was high in the air. Before him was the giant from the freak show.

“Great Giant, how have I offended you?” Blue wheezed, gasping for breath.

“You haven’t. But, my master wants to speak with you now,” the Giant said.

And soon, at a giants pace, Blue was in the manager’s wagon.

The squat manager glared at the baffled Blue.

“What’ve you done with my Pearl Girl?” the Manager sharply demanded.

“I haven’t seen her. I’m telling the truth,” Blue said.

“You’re lying. You’re in love with her and stole her from me.”

“Manager, I only met her today. I haven’t got Pearl Girl.”

“I paid good gold for that girl. I want her back.”

“I’ll help you find her then. Who did you buy her from?”

“Why should I trust you?”

“Because, I fear she’s in grave danger.”

“You only care for yourself, lying dog. But, good enough. She’s a slave girl. I bought her from a witch,” he mused for a moment.

Blue decided to trick the manager.

“The witch is old, ugly, and bent? A nameless hag, perhaps?” asked Blue. He did remember all witches had these things.

“Yeah. How did you know?”

”I’m a man who knows witches,” Blue pretended, “and their dark hearts. Surely, the hag desires only the cold pearls, not warm Pearl Girl. The evil sorceress will kill our Pearl Girl.”

Blue glanced from eye to eye. Each person quietly examined how little they really new about magic. The Manager broke the silence,“You’re right. It’s the curse, Witchmaster.”

Blue masked a smile not to betray his delight. “Witchmaster? Quaint.” he mused to himself.

“Perhaps we could use your assistance after all,”

“Manager, I’ll rescue Pearl Girl on ONE condition …”

“No one can survive against an evil witch,” the Manager loudly interrupted.

“Well, WHEN I survive and IF I bring you a fantastic freak producing more gold than Pearl Girl and IF Pearl Girl is not dead, will YOU let Pearl Girl go free?”

“Of course. I’m no idiot,” snorted the manager.

“Then, you and I have a bargain,” Blue said to the – idiot – manager.