Episode 5 – Secret Map

Episode Five
Secret Map
1:56 minutes

As Blue happily left the manager’s wagon, he was surprised to find the two-headed boy blocking his path.

“If Pearl Girl is in danger, we’ll help you,” the two-heads instantly said in unison.

“No, I must go alone,” Blue protested.

“And where will you go?” asked Righthead smugly.

“I have no idea actually,” Blue replied gazing at his worn out boots, a little embarrassed by his answer, “probably the closest witche castle or cave.”

“Well, we’ve got a secret – map,” whispered Lefthead smiling.

“You do! What’s your price?” Blue asked.

The two heads turned their back to Blue and conferred warmly over the map’s price. Blue waited for them to speak. He knew he had nothing to pay or trade for the map.

“If you free Pearl Girl, then you must be powerful. Our fee is simple … may we attend your wedding?”

Blue choked. He never said anything of marrying Pearl Girl.

“Very well,” Blue answered with some hesitation.

They both smiled and slapped their hands together in a loud clap. Producing a leathery old map, the two-headed boy explained the trails, paths, and passes to a witches castle. Blue didn’t know where they got the secret map. They wouldn’t tell him, but it was marked with dark-red stains. The two-headed boy cared deeply that Pearl Girl be rescued unharmed.