Episode 11 – Fiery White

Episode Eleven
Fiery White
1:27 minutes

Now, with their children, Blue and Ophelia live in the transformed Sky Balloon. It’s now a sunny, happy place where their love was first proven. They fly where they will – free and soaring. They drop anchor near mountains, on meadows, and beaches. When near a magical beach, they gather seashells from the ocean. Occasionally, they discover a small pearl in the wet sand. Later, in the cool night air near a glowing fire, their eager children beg, “Please, tell the Tale of Pearl Girl.”

And accompanied by gushing surf sounds, their mother, spins again the magical adventure. Showing the bright Last Pearl as evidence, still dangling around her lovely neck. And, yes, though Blue kisses Ophelia a million times, the Last Pearl never fades or disappears, never one of tears or sadness,

… rather, a Pearl of Enduring Love.

“Pearl of Love glow fiery white.”