Episode 8 – Pearls Burst

Episode Eight
Pearls Burst
2:37 minutes

Why are you crying? What’s wrong? Your cheeks are stained with tears. Why?” she asked.

However grim, sharing their loneliness held the power to their change and growth. Blue wept for both their pains.

“All your loneliness. Suffering. Anguish.” Blue felt very weak.

“What are you talking about?” she asked.

“Your tears. I feel sad and weak as they burst,” Blue softly replied.

“Don’t kiss me any more. I understand what you are saying now. Your pain is from mine.”

“You still have many, many pearls. I will kiss you until I am too weak to kiss you again,” Blue sighed.

“If you kiss me again, …“ she paused“ … kiss me as if it is your last.” She closed her eyes waiting.

So many pearls were still between them, but Blue managed a deep kiss on her soft lips. At that moment, thousands of pearls burst with a splash on the wooden floor. They both started to laugh. Blue fell back and caught himself against the basket wall. The poem had no warning of the heartache washing over him.

The wind crashed against the ship. They both looked at each other with fear. Was the storm to destroy them? Time was slipping by too quickly.

“Pearl Girl, what’s your real name?” Blue breathed trying to distract his mind.

“Ophelia. My name is Ophelia after the brightest star in the constellation of magic. What’s your name, sir?”

“I don’t really know. Before this night is over, I promise to tell you my name.”

She puzzled for a moment.

“Don’t worry about it,” he said, “Talk of other things, please. Cheer me from this dark sadness.”

“Almost all my pearls are gone! All because of you!”

He managed a weak smile.

“This kiss is my last. I’m dizzy and weak,” Blue stumbled into her arms and she held him. They heard the rope creaking under a heavy load. The witch!