Pearl Girl: Introduction

There is no fairy tale castle, just a man with no memory and a poem.

Pearl Girl: A tale of love’s magic.

Once upon a time, there lived a man named Blue. He was cursed by an evil witch. Her curse made him forget and he couldn’t remember who he was any more. Who was he? At times, he thought he remembered bits and pieces of his past. But his only real clue was a ragged poem, written in his own handwriting, on worn parchment:

“Lava to Rock.

Water to stone.

Liquid drops. Hard as bone.

An empty glass. My empty past.”

“Vessel filled with innocent tears.

Love’s kisses heal growing fears,

Restoring faded early years.”

“Pearl of Love glow fiery white,

Change witch’s curse to golden light.”

He had no idea what the poem meant. It was like a puzzle.

The Poem was secret code.